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Montréal '64 to '68

En Expo Lounge Published 18 hours and 46 minutes ago.

In the years leading up to Expo 67, a prestigious monthly magazine about the city of Montreal was published. Featuring slick photography and bilingual articles, Montréal '64 , '65 , '66 and '67 sought to generate buzz surrounding the 1967 World Exhibition and its host city. Produced and mailed to over 700,000 addresses throughout the world, Montréal magazine was the brain child of mayor Jean Drapeau. In his 1997 book La petite histoire d'Expo 67 , ex-director of public relations Yves Jasmin recounts that [...]

First Pics of the Lopez Twins

En CelebritySkank Online Published 11 days and 6 hours and 31 minutes ago.

People Magazine has published the first pics of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins. Adorable little nippers! Buy magazine to see more of the twins!

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Web Magazine

En Freebies 4 Mom Published 6 days and 4 hours and 9 minutes ago.

Are you a fan of Sandra Lee? I'm attracted to the "semi-homemade" part of her cooking philosophy. I did get her cookbook above from a limited-time free book offer from Huggies, but haven't tried any recipes from it yet. Sign-up for a free membership in the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Club and you will get: *Access to 32 Great American Bake Sale Recipes, plus recipes shared by other Semi-Homemakers *New Semi-Homemade® Magazine issues (this is a web magazine) *Special promotions and limited offers *Notice [...]

Madonna Speaks About Justin Timberlake And Her Malawian Son David To Interview Magazine, April 2008 Issue

En Hot Gossip Published 24 days and 48 minutes ago.

Madonna, Interview Magazine April 2008 issue. Here are some tidbits of what Madonna said in her Interview Magazine interview! On collaborating with Justin Timberlake, “I really enjoy writing with Justin. We had psychoanalytic sessions whenever we wrote songs first. We’d sit down and we’d start talking about situations. And then we’d start talking about issues or problems [...] [...]

Announcing The Millennial Edition of Personal Branding Magazine

En Personal Branding Blog Published 2 days and 5 hours and 16 minutes ago.

Volume 2 overview After an entire year of Personal Branding Magazine (4 issues), we’re back with an explosive and very timely issue. You will notice a few design changes in this next volume starting with the main banner, which now uses the consistent logo over/under the “R” to create a registered mark. Expect a [...]

Open Question: what was the name of the article in essence or ebony magazine where the african am. woman married…..?

En Rockstarist - a musicians resource Published 9 days and 13 hours and 46 minutes ago.

i thought the title was one love one color...but i searched and couldnt find anythin.....anyway a woman with the last name neville married a japanese guy she met he was a was in ebony magazine......or essence...does anyone know the name of the article...??

Paracinema's One-Two Punch and the Urban Warriors Come Out to Play-ayyy!

En Chuck Norris Ate My Baby Published 15 days and 19 hours and 8 minutes ago.

Holy poop, it's already time for a new issue of Paracinema, and the great minds behind this AWARD NOMINATED magazine have pumped out what looks to be their best issue yet (starting with that dope cover!). Dubbed The Women's Issue, issue #11 has been dedicated to fairer sex by having the entire magazine written solely by women. While I am fearful that at least one of these fine ladies will bring  [...]

MomAdvice - Great Giveaway & Magazine Deals

En Freebies 4 Mom Published 29 days and 16 hours and 22 minutes ago.

If you haven't yet discovered Amy's website MomAdvice, you are in for a real treat! I want to send you first to the latest on her blog called "The Motherload" for this post to read: "MomAdvice News and a Very Special Giveaway". By clicking on this link, you can find out how to enter her giveaway for a Kaboost Booster Seat (giveaway ends Friday at 8 pm).Next, I want to send you over to Amy's post: "$5 Magazine Subscriptions" so that you can find out how to get this great deal on a magazine subscription from [...]

Free Magazine Subscription

En Christy's Thrifty Decorating Published 14 days and 1 hour and 51 minutes ago.

Thanks to we can all get a free two year subscription to Country Homes Magazine with no strings attached. Go over and visit Heather's site and find an enormous amount of great information that will save you a ton of money. Coupons, discounts, tips, advice and freebies are just a click away. You would be jealous if you knew all the freebies I got this week!!! [...]

Media Comparison and Strategy: Blog, Podcast, Magazine & Book

En Personal Branding Blog Published 2 days and 4 hours and 53 minutes ago.

As a blog owner, podcaster, magazine publisher and soon to be book author, I’ve learned a lot about media creation, distribution, marketing and branding. Today I would like to discuss differences, benefits and how to build and market each type. I firmly believe that various media supports each other and that with the [...]