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Dog caroling!

En The Days of Johann - an agility dog! Published 5 days and 18 hours and 16 minutes ago.

Looking for a few doggie carols to take on your caroling trip this week? We'll we've got some goodies! Check out these great carols from , they are sure to please. Here is just a sample: Hark! the Joyous Doggies Call (to the tune of "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing") Hark! The joyous doggies call Mama’s returned from the mall Let us greet her joyfully While she tries to gain entry Let us jump and let us yip Let us make our mama trip Let us bring her our best toys Ones that make the squeaky [...]

Weekend Road Trip: Yes Or No With Gas Prices?

En Be Thrifty Like Us Published 19 days and 6 hours and 26 minutes ago.

We went on our first weekend road trip of the Spring/Summer. We went to the Delaware beach for a graduation party and stayed the weekend. We learned a few lessons with traveling with a baby. Never forgot the bedtime CD. Yup, we did just that! The baby listens to a CD for naps and bedtime, and we never thought to bring the CD. We also learned that a baby is very observant of it's surroundings and doesn't want to sleep in a pack and play it's never been in before. M.B. & I shared a double air mattress with a [...]

The Plastic Internet [Re-Mix]

En Dave Lucas Published 15 days and 15 hours and 54 minutes ago.

In 2007, Ahmad Humeid coined the term "Plastic Internet" in a post entitled The ‘Plastic Internet’: The Third World’s real information revolution : What is the fastest way to transfer a 10 hollywood movies or 10 Gigabytes of software to a user’s PC in Jordan. A DSL connection? No. A plastic bag containing a few plastic discs and a trip downtown or your neighborhood ‘CD place’. A recent trip to one of those little store in downtown Amman, overflowing with CDs and DVDs, confirmed to me that the [...]

Aquaria KLCC Visit

En Crazyfisherman Published 6 days and 12 hours and 1 minute ago.

Last year, during the Chinese New Year holidays, Navin and myself had a fishing trip to Rawang and One Fathom Bank. This year, due to some unavoidable events, we did not plan any fishing for the holidays. Instead, my girlfriend, her family and myself went to Aquaria KLCC to look at fishes. Well, if I can't catch them, might as well have a look at them. Here are some pictures taken during the trip to Aquaria KLCC . Enjoy them. :::... Magnificent Toman (Giant Snakehead) ...::: :::... Toman aka Giant Snakehead [...]

Romantic Sunset Over the nile

En Abroad travels Published 23 days and 6 hours and 49 minutes ago.

Our greatest travel adventure that took us to Cairo: During our August trip trip to Cairo we enjoyed a romantic dinner on a Nile Cruise Boat, also because it was our 6th wedding anniversary. Our son enjoyed every bit of this travel and on this particular evening he had a taste of belly dance. if you are going to Cairo even for few days there are few places you should not miss. 1)Great pyramids and the sphinx 2)Dinner on the boat over Nile river 3)Saqqara:location of the first Egyptian pyramid Others places [...]

Open Question: How do I solve this distance motion word problem?

En Rockstarist - a musicians resource Published 3 days and 20 hours and 24 minutes ago.

After a concert, the musicians are driven to a small airport where a helicopter takes them to a larger airport for the trip home. The drive averages 34 miles per hour and the helicopter averages 93 miles per hour. The entire trip is 134 miles takes 2.00 hours. Find the distance from the concert to the small airport.

On the Ground in Uganda

En Thirteen Thoughts Published 11 days and 4 hours and 18 minutes ago.

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Carlos Whittaker and a team of 15 bloggers are on the ground in Uganda as part of a Compassion International outreach trip. The trip is designed to let these 15 bloggers bring eyes and ears to the conditions that many people across the world face on a daily basis. You can find links to all 15 blogs HERE . In this picture, Carlos is showing the Ugandan boys a picture of his adopted son Losiah. When he explains the meaning of the word 'adopt', the little boy in the [...]

Any Excuse to catch Fish !

En Gamefishing Fiji Published 3 days and 12 hours and 58 minutes ago.

Bite Me recently made her twice annual trip to Suva Harbour for her Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Authority (FIMSA) inspection which of course she passed with flying colours. On the return trip, skipper Adrian had the pleasure of the company of fellow Resort Director Stuart Gow working the deck and along for the ride, Maurene, owner of Waisalima Beach Resort and her daughter Coral. No opportunity to fish being passed over, we soon had a couple of rods out and Adrian made a few minor detours past favoured [...]

Going on a Vacation? Request Free Brochures

En Be Thrifty Like Us Published 12 days and 23 hours and 12 minutes ago.

If you are planning a vacation, I found that there are so many free travel brochures and guides to help you plan your trip. Sometimes you can save money if you plan your own vacation. By using the free materials, you can come up with a game plan for your trip. We've noticed that these free vacation materials usually contains maps. On our honeymoon, we made the mistake of purchasing a map of San Fransisco, only to find that the map in our free travel guide was easier to read! Many times the free vacation [...]

Easter Holiday Trip - Trowbridge, Salisbury

En My Life-My Feelings-My Opinions-My Friends Published 25 days and 16 hours and 4 minutes ago.

*British Summer Time starts in 30 minutes, now the time is 12.30am, after 30 minutes, the time will be 2am.* Last weekend was Easter, the manager was kind enough so I had 4 days holiday. I went to visit my aunt at Trowbridge. Trowbridge is a small county town in Wiltshire, South West England. According to the signboard at the train station, the town only has 500 population. Click to enlarge to read the sign. It really is a very beautiful place. Arriving Saturday but only went out on Sunday afternoon for a [...]