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Lyrics Quiz: Back to School

En Scooter McGavin's 9th Green Published 7 days and 21 hours and 59 minutes ago.

Over the next couple weeks some of you will be heading back to school, sending your kids off to school, or laughing at those that will ushered onto a school bus (all the while secretly wishing you were back in college where you actually had the time for eight hour Madden sessions all the while drunk on the cheapest beer you could find). So here are some lyrics that should get you back into the learning. And for those going off to school or sending the little ones, you will need to something to carry them in [...]

Episode 1: How It All Began...

En Who Is Pink Coat? Published 28 days and 21 hours and 24 minutes ago.

Are you sitting comfortably? This introduction is a little long, but please bear with me. What I?m about to tell you has to be a prime example of those two old clich├ęs, ?Truth is often stranger than fiction,? and, ?There?s no fool like an old fool!? However, I must add a caveat. Whilst the events described below are true, certain details have been changed. Although the individual concerned is causing me some aggravation, I still feel obliged to protect her identity. Not that I know it. I just know her as [...]

Felix and the Frontier - Part Six

En Stories as Told by Cheeseburger Brown Published 25 days and 22 hours and 8 minutes ago.

Felix and the Frontier is a story told in six episodes, posted serially by me, your beanstalk-climbing host, Cheeseburger Brown. Chapters: 1|2|3|4|5|6 Related reading: Simon of Space, Free Felix, Life & Taxes Coming up next: Welcome to Mars! concerns the first manned mission to the red planet, and the uncomfortable surprise that awaits Earth's heroic astronauts upon their arrival. Don't miss a single chapter! The story starts serializing the week of September 10th. Meanwhile, our current story [...]