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Diva de Loayza’s Ghost Bike

En Dave Lucas Published 20 days and 20 hours and 9 minutes ago.

What a beautiful summer day we enjoyed Saturday in Albany! My legs are tired, I'm sunburned (forgot the sunblocker)and my butt is numb from bereaking in my brand new bike all over creation. Having the time of my life, then I happened upon a "Ghost Bike." It's almost been a year ... Tags: Diva de Loayza , Diva de Loayza

Lil Diva Rock N Ride with Leatherette Seat, Pink Piping, Handlebars, Based on Authentic Harley Davidson Art, LilDiva Rock Ride Motorcycle Bike

En My Outlook on Everything Blog Published 19 days and 20 hours and 47 minutes ago.

Lil' Diva Rock 'N Ride Kickstart their imaginations with the Lil' Diva Rock n' Ride motorcyle, based on authentic Harley Davidson designs. Each comes tricked out with a leatherette seat and pink piping, handlebars, as well as a sharply-detailed chromed fork. Anchored securely on solid wood rockers, for stability, comfort. For up to 8 years old. - Buy

This is just what I have been looking for

En Cariboo Ponderer Published 14 days and 17 hours and 41 minutes ago.

Working with others bloggers to help each other promote their blogs and websites and any services they might offer is a great idea featured in the blog I discovered today called Diva Networking . It is geared towards women but the author says men are welcome too. It is about building links, and by doing that help each others blogs to grow. I have seen blogs that seems to have very little content and they have wanted me to link to them but I do like to link to a blog that I think is worthwhile reading. Diva [...]

Madonna Makes Diva Demands As She Promotes ‘I Am Because We Are’ At Cannes, France

En Hot Gossip Published 18 days and 5 hours and 1 minute ago.

Madonna is in Cannes, France, promoting her new film, I Am Because We Are, and she’s proving to be a tricky customer if the rumours are true. Madonna allegedly donned her Diva duds, and issued the staff at the Carlton Hotel with a list of demands for her £1,000-a-night suite. Madonna’s demands apparently included, Telling the [...]

SEGA Teasing New Hatsune Miku Project

En NotCliche! Published 28 days and 6 hours and 18 minutes ago.

SEGA has recently launched their teaser website for some unknown project involving popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku. The website has nearly nothing, save for a silhouette of Miku and a text mentioning that a new project is commencing on the 28th of April, which is probably the date of revelation for the teaser site. While many are speculating (and hoping) for Project DIVA 3, a new game in a different genre would be nice for a change! Related posts:Project DIVA 2nd’s Single Bundles Hatsune Miku [...]

Diva: Defiance and Passion in Early Italian Cinema

En Feminist Review Published 15 days and 17 hours and 55 minutes ago.

By Angela Dalle Vacche University of Texas Press As an infrequent reader of non-fiction and a former Italian scholar, I looked forward to reading Diva: Defiance and Passion in Early Italian Cinema . The book promises to be engaging and accessible to everyone, even those not well-versed in film history or theory - and in this respect, author Angela Dalle Vacche certainly delivers. Dalle Vacche clearly put a tremendous amount of energy into researching the historical context and philosophical writings that [...]


En Dancing on the Edge Published 20 days and 17 hours and 38 minutes ago.

Thanks to Sheri for taking this photo. I love it!

Are you a Diva?

En THE BEAUTY OF LIFE Published 2 hours and 5 minutes ago.

There are truth of this one because one time the more people will know you they will take advantage of your being real to them. But what you do is be nice whatever happens....

Water Wrestling

En Pinoy Space Published 27 days and 16 hours and 37 minutes ago.

Wow...a Pinay experienced how to be a WWE diva!Watch a man slammed a girl to the pool with his full force. Please don't try this at home or else you will end up losing your wife. LOL.....

FINALLY! Celebrity Babies With Normal Names!

En CelebritySkank Online Published 10 days and 2 hours and 48 minutes ago.

I'm in total shock... I would have thought a diva like Jennifer Lopez was going to name her nippers something extraodinary, but no no! The babies are named Max and Emme. Quite adorable too.

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